Miscellaneous Press Items on the House at 527 Avon Place, Napoleon, Ohio

Democratic Northwest, May 14, 1896:

"Capt. C. E. Reynolds has purchased the house he now lives in and will move it to another lot, and continue to use it as a residence."

Henry County Signal, June 17, 1896:

"Real Estate Transfers
"S. M. McCormick to Sarah E. Reynolds s pt 9 Phillips and Staffords add, $550."
(Actual deed not signed until May 28, 1897)

Henry County Signal, June 17, 1896:

"Capt. C. E. Reynolds has moved the house in which he has been living on Washington street, to a lot recently purchased by him on the Defiance road street, west of the Union school building, where he will live after making repairs and improvements."

Democratic Northwest, April 1, 1897:

"C. E. Reynolds is building a neat veranda to add to the comfort of his residence on the Defiance road." [previous name of Avon Place]