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This page is dedicated to the history of the Kozaks in Clearfield and Cambria counties, Pennsylvania,  who trace their ancestry to Slovakia.

Once I have established contacts with some Kozaks out there, I will focus my attention on just that Kozak clan that emigrated to Clearfield and Cambria counties in Pennsylvania. If you are related to either of these two segments of the family, please help me identify people in the picures in the Photo Album.

George (pictured above)(b: June 2, 1859) and Anna Maria (Barnic) Kozak (b: October 1864) had children Andrew (b: March 1884), Zella (b: about 1886), George (b: January 17, 1893), Bertha Margaret (b: August 28, 1894), twins Anna and Marie (b: January 1896), Stephen (b: January 1898), Helen (b: about 1902), and John (b: about 1904). He settled in Ramey, Clearfield County, Pennsylvania.

Mary (Kozak) Valco (b: July 16, 1865) and Valen ("Barney") Valco (December 17, 1855) had children Thomas (b: June 13, 1887) and Helen (b: May 1897). Mary was George's half-sister. They lived in Barnesboro, Cambria County, Pennsylvania.

My grandmother, Katrine (Kozak) Rebar, another of George's half-sisters, emigrated to Ramey in 1896. Although married to Andrew Ribar in Slovakia in October 1891, they lived apart almost from the first day of their marriage, as Andrew emigrated in early 1892 to find work and save the money to have Katrine join him. Katrine and Andrew had 7 children: Anna (1897-1974), Andrew (1899-1969), Joseph (1901-1980), John S. (my father, 1903-1977), Michael (1905-1966), Kathrine (1909-1996), and George (1916-1980).

John (b: March 18, 1878) and Amelia (Kapusta) Kozak (b: November 1881) had children: Mary (b: about 1901), Annie (b: February 12, 1903), Joseph (b: about 1905), Helen (b: about 1907), and Catherine (b: about 1909). They lived in Barnesboro. John was the nephew of George Kozak, Katrine (Kozak) Rebar, and Mary (Kozak) Valco.

George (b: November 11, 1880) and Annie (b: about 1888) had children John (b: about 1905), Margaret (b: about 1907), George (b: about 1909), Elmer (b: after 1910), and Ethel (b: after 1910). This George was the brother of John above, thus was also the nephew of George Kozak (from Clearfield county), Katrine (Kozak) Rebar, and Mary (Kozak) Valco.

Anna (Kozak) Herpak (b: June 18, 1868), a full-sister of Katrine (Kozak) Rebar and Mary (Kozak) Valco, stayed in Slovakia. However, her son, Joseph (August 5, 1887), emigrated to Barnesboro.

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