Rebar and Oravetz Family History

A genealogical survey of the descendants of Andreas and Mária (Orosz) Ribár. With information on family names Oravec, Kozák, Lelák, Majdik, Kordovaner, Mihalik, Czebner, Szutor, and Lovász, among others.

(Pictured at left: official crest of Slovakia)

The goal of this home page is to provide an entry into my family history research on the Ribar, Rebar, Oravec/Oravecz/Oravetz, and Kozak families who settled in Clearfield and Cambria counties, Pennsylvania. For the time being, the only information of value is birth, marriage, and death records for Nizna Mysla and some limited records for Opatka and Zakarovce, Slovakia. Follow the Databases link at the top of this page. I will be adding much more information in the future, specifically expanded RC parish records for Opátka, Smolnik, and Zakarovce.

There is another researcher who is maintaining the Oravecz Home Page, a web site dedicated to the Oravecz, Oravetz, Oravec, etc., family name. I highly recommend you check it out if you are researching that line.

For more complete Ribar/Rebar/Oravec/Oravetz family information, I recommend you visit the Slovak Research page that I have on a different Internet provider. It has a lot of other Roman Catholic parish records from the village of Nizná Mysl'a that will eventually be moved to this site.

The Pennsylvania Kozaks home page is now back on-line, even though it does not seem to generate much interest.

James M. Rebar
Napoleon, Ohio; USA; 2004

Last Updated: October 26, 2004