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William H. Young
Violet Beatrice (Brown) Young

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4. William H. Young was born July 13, 1898 in Deshler, Henry Co, OH, and died April 21, 1930 in Columbus, OH1. He married 5. Violet Beatrice Brown November 8, 1913 in Monroe, MI2, daughter of 10. Edward Brown and 11. Flora Burk.

     Wilbur Young was born William H. Young, Jr., according to the official Henry County, Ohio, courthouse birth records, 1891-1921, p. 634, #684 (LDS 0423627). His nickname was Wilbur, obviously so he would not be confused for his father, and he is listed as Wilbur in the 1900 and 1910 census records.
     Wilbur Young was also known as 'Fats.' In about 1917 he joined the Army and was shipped off to France. While he was in France, his wife, Violet Brown, gave birth to Robert. The child apparently was not Wilbur's. When Robert was about 2, Wilbur finally left for good, and Violet Brown took the children to Worthington, Ohio, where she worked as a cook at the Methodist Children's Home. She died in 1931. Wilbur eventually married someone else, because he was arrested and charged with bigamy, and was jailed at the Ohio State Penitentiary, Columbus, Ohio. He died in prison in a fire in April 1930. The prisoners died because there was no master key to release all the inmates from their cells, and they died from smoke inhalation and burns before the guards could open their cell doors. See newspaper clipping below for a description of this event. Family legend has it that his punishment of time in the State Penitentiary for bigamy, punishment hardly befitting the crime, was because his second wife was the daughter of a sheriff or county judge.
Obituary, Deshler Flag, April 24, 1930:
     "A pall of sadness hovered over the village of Deshler and vicinity on Monday night and Tuesday when it was learned that two of Deshler's young men had perished in the awful catastrophe at the Ohio State Penitentiary.
     "The two young men, Samuel Aldrich and Wilbur D. Young were both reported as having been burned to death during the fire and friends and relatives alike anxiously awaited more definite information.
     "Early on Tuesday morning Wm. Young received a positive message from Columbus stating that his son had perished in the fire but no word to that effect had as yet been received by the Aldrich people. Early Tuesday morning at 2:45 to be exact a message had been sent to Bob Aldrich and signed by his brother Sam stated that he was alright and for them not to worry. Another message dispatched 21 minutes later stated that he was still O. K. but the message was unsigned. As no further word was received Bob Aldrich went to Columbus on Tuesday in the hope of getting more definite information. He was able to get in communication with the office of governor Cooper where he was informed that his brother Sam was still living and that he had not been in the fire. He was unable, however, to get to see his brother. On returning to Deshler, the Toledo papers carrying the announcement that he was among the dead caused Bob to believe that probably there was some mistake and he wired the office of Warden Thomas who replied that Sam Aldrich had not been in the fire and that he was O. K. A long distance call to Orrin Bailey who is an official on the Penitentiary staff also disclosed information that Sam Aldrich had not perished and that he had not been in the fire. And so as we go to press we do so with the hope that this information was true and that he at least had been spared from the awful fate that overtook the other Deshler boy and so many of the other inmates. Sam had many friends around Deshler who are glad to learn of this.
      "However, fate was not kind to Wilbur Young and he lost his life, while still a young man, within the gray walls of the institution in a most horrible manner. Trapped in his cell like a wild beast with no hope of release he could see the flames, smoke and heat creep closer and closer while all he could do was to wait and do nothing but still wait. Convict though he was, and the rest may be or rather may have been, yet withal there beat in his breast a human heart with human feelings and a heart that could love those near and dear to him and be loved in turn and it casts a pall of gloom and sorrow over those who knew him to think of the awful manner of his ending.
     "Mr. Young and Funeral director Rader took the ambulance to Columbus on Tuesday afternoon with the expectation of bringing the body back but were informed that no bodies would be released until 9 o'clock on Wednesday morning. They were also told that the body would be furnished with a shroud, color and tie and a coffin, and that transportation charges would be prepaid to its destination. Just when the body will arrive in Deshler and when the funeral service will be held is not at this time known."

Notes for Violet Beatrice Brown:
     Violet Brown's birth information, and data on her parents' names, are from the official Henry County, Ohio, courthouse birth records, 1891-1921, p. 32, #100 (LDS 0423627).
Violet Brown's husband, Wilbur Young, left her and the kids. She took the children to Worthington, Ohio, where she worked as a cook at the Methodist Children's Home. She died in 1931, of uterine cancer, when Paul was 14. She is buried in Deshler cemetery. In the mid-1980s, Carolyn and I visited Emmit Wooley, and he took us to the cemetery. After much searching, we found Violet's flat stone in front of the mausoleum.
I returned to the Deshler Cemetery (Woodlawn) in August 1996 to get photographs of the headstone. Since Violet's is flush with the ground, it was overgrown with crabgrass and I could not find it easily. Her date of birth on the headstone is 1895, which is at odds with the official records.
Obituary, Deshler Flag, April 9, 1931:
     "As the wheels of time revolve, we find as the mist clears away that the great reaper has again visited the world and called away another familiar face, that of Mrs. Violet Young of Columbus, O., quite well known in Deshler.
     "Violet Beatrice Young (nee Brown), daughter of Edward and Flora Brown, was born on September 5, 1895 and departed this life at Columbus, O., April 2, 1931, at the age of 35 years, 6 months and 27 days. She was born at Deshler and spent her early life in this community where she was well-known. She was converted when only a child in the United Brethren Church, to which she was a very faithful attendant. The church being the first in her life and service, she was also a very faithful worker in the Christian Endeavor. To these she was faithful while residing in Deshler.
     "On November 8, 1913, at Monroe, Michigan, she was united in marriage to Mr. Wilbur Young, also of Deshler. Three children were born, who are as follows: Paul, Victory and Robert.
     "Mrs. Young had been a great sufferer for the past few months, and at the tolling of the gong, the curtain closed on the life of a young mother and loved one. She passed away at the hospital in Columbus.
     "Her husband passed away a little over a year ago. She leaves to mourn their loss the above mentioned sons, Paul, Victory and Robert, also two brothers, one sister, one aunt and four uncles besides a host of other relatives and good friends. Her parents have passed to the other shore to await her coming. To say that her cheery face will be missed is only placing it lightly, but our loss is her gain.
     "The funeral services were held Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock at the Deshler U. B. Church, Rev. P. W. Lutz officiating. Burial was made in Woodlawn cemetery."

Children of William Young and Violet Brown are:

  1. 2. Paul William Young, b. November 18, 1916, Deshler, Henry Co, OH3; d. March 19, 1971, An airplane over Chicago, IL; m. 3. Elizabeth Addie Wooley, August 7, 1936.
  2. Victory Young, b. November 11, 1918, Deshler, Henry Co, OH4; d. September 1969, Westerville, OH4; m. Zelma.
  3. Robert Edward Young, b. Abt. 1921; d. December 1991, Newark, DE.


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