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Joseph Oravetz
Mary (Lelak) Oravetz

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6. Jozsef Oravecz, born January 7, 1881 in Opatka, Slovakia1; died July 31, 1935 in Barnesboro, Cambria Co, PA2. He was the son of 12. Franciscus Oravecz and 13. Maria Kordovaner. He married 7. Maria Lelak March 31, 1909 in Barnsboro, Cambria Co, PA3. She was the daughter of Matyas Lelak and Josepha Mihalik.

Notes for Jozsef Oravecz:
Joseph Oravetz died on July 31, 1935, at his home on Elder Avenue, Barnesboro, Pennsylvania. Cause of death was acute myocarditis and acute nephritis. Last Rites were administered by Rev. Frankovsky, and the attending physician was Dr. A. J. Silensky. The burial took plance on August 3, 1935.
Information relating to the death of Joseph Oravetz, including cause of death, Last Rites, attending physician, and burial date, are from the official records of the Bacha Funeral Home, Barnesboro, Pennsylvania, Record #572. Bacha went out of business, but the records are kept by Charles Long, owner of the Long Funeral Home, Inc., Barnesboro. Grandson James Rebar copied the information directly from the Bacha record book on May 16, 1994. The Lelak sisters (Mary, Josephine, and Margaret) emigrated to the U.S. from Hungary and not from Slovakia. Their father, Matthias Lelak, went to Hungary obviously to work in the mines, and he probably met Josephine Mihalik there. Josephine had emigrated there with her parents, Caspar and Theresa (Majdik) Mihalik. The records show that Josephine was born in Smolnik, Slovakia, while Matthias was born in Zakarovce, Slovakia. Joseph Oravetz also went to Hungary to work, probably living with his brother, John. He met Mary, one of the Lelak girls, and they got engaged. Joseph emigrated to America, arriving in New York on January 5, 1907, on board the Ultonia. He sent for Mary, who arrived in New York on October 14, 1908. Joseph apparently was working in a coal mine in Graceton, Pennsylvania, staying there with his brother Alex, who had emigrated earlier in the decade. Joseph Oravetz and Mary Lelak married on March 31, 1909, and they settled in Barnesboro, Pennsylvania. Mary's sisters, Josephine and Margaret, followed later, arriving together in New York on October 22, 1913, on board the Friedrich der Grosse, which sailed from Bremen, Germany.

Notes for Maria Lelak: From National Archives, Microcopy No. T-715, Roll No. 1156, Passenger and Crew Lists of Vessels arriving at New York, 1897-1942: Maria Lelak, age 19 (sic), a servant, arrived alone in New York on October 14, 1908, on board the SS Friedrich der Grosse, which had steamed out of Bremen, Germany, on October 3, 1908. Maria had departed Diosgyor, Hungary, to marry her fiance, Jozsef Oravecz (Hungarian spelling), in the coal town of Barnesboro (listed in the ship records as 'near Graceton'), Pennsylvania. Maria could read and write, was four feet eleven inches tall, blond, and had brown eyes. Her ticket on the Friedrich der Grosse was paid for by Jozsef. She listed as nearest next of kin her father, Matyas Lelak, of Diosgyor, Pereces, Hungary. (According to Albert Kovachik, her mother was deceased.) Maria's place of birth is listed in the ship records, but it is blurred (it looks like Arany Idka, present-day Zlata Idka in Slovakia). On her Declaration of Intention, Nr. 19079, filed 25 April 1941 at the Cambria County Court House, Maria is listed as 5 feet 3 inches tall, 150 pounds. The Declaration of Intention has Certification No. 6-96887 from the Commissioner of Immigration and Naturalization that declares her a legal immigrant. That same number, 6-96887, is written on her entry in the Friedrich der Grosse passenger list. Information pertaining to the birth of Maria Lelak is from the official church records of the Roman Catholic Parish of Diosgyor, Hungary, which is part of the Archdiocese of Eger (LDS 0623336). I found this record on April 15, 1993.

Children of Jozsef Oravecz and Maria Lelak are:

  1. 3. Margaret Ann Oravetz, born June 14, 1909 in Barnesboro, Cambria Co, PA; died August 13, 1981 in Johnstown, Cambria Co, PA; married 2. John S. Rebar September 20, 1926 in Barnesboro, Cambria Co, PA.

    Notes for Margaret Ann Oravetz: Marriage information from copy of original marriage certificate No. 27892.

    Notes for John S. Rebar: In LDS 1463005 (Clearfield County, Pennsylvania, Births, 1896-1905), Item 2, p. 212, #36, John Rebar's birth is given as July 24, 1903. This entry is File 18, Registration number 7906, recorded July 11, 1955. I do not know why this was registered at this time.

  2. Rudolph Oravetz, born August 2, 1913 in Barnesboro, Cambria Co, PA; died January 1977 in Barnesboro, Cambria Co, PA; married Veronica Mae Keblesh July 12, 19414.
  3. Veronica Elizabeth Oravetz, born May 14, 1916 in Barnesboro, Cambria Co, PA; died June 9, 1998 in Altoona, PA (hospital); married Michael Kuzio September 13, 1941 in Barnesboro, Cambria Co, PA.

    Notes for Michael Kuzio: Mike died at home about 8:30 PM. I was a pall-bearer at the funeral, which took place on May 31, 1995, in Bakerton (Elmora), PA. Mike was Ukrainian Greek Orthodox, a rather unusual denomination. I am pretty sure that he was Capatho-Rus, that his family originated in what is now western Ukraine. Marriage Notes for Veronica Oravetz and Michael Kuzio: Based on recollections of Dorothy (Rebar) Polenik, their wedding reception took place at the home of Joseph and Mary (Lelak) Oravetz. Verna and Mike then spent their wedding night in the Rebar house in Twin Rocks, and the Rebars spent the night at the Oravetzes. It was at the wedding reception that Matilda Kovachik met Gust Burkholtz -- he was in town for a baseball game, and he and several others 'crashed' the reception.

  4. Mary Veronica Oravetz, born May 14, 1919 in Barnesboro, Cambria Co, PA; married George Oliver White July 17, 1944 in Canonsburg, PA.


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