Nižná Myšľa Confirmations

Confirmations of children in the Nižná Myšl'a parish are included in the church records in the Kosice Regional Archive, but only for seven years in the period from 1857 to 1890. The 1890 list is by far the most extensive.

Please note that the Nižná Myšl'a parish includes the villages of Nižná Myšl'a, Vyšná Myšl'a, Nižný Čaj, Vyšný Čaj, Blažice, Ždaňa, Škároš, and Bohdanovce, and a smattering of entries from other nearby villages.

A word about the village names

  1. Nagy-Ida is present-day Vel'ká Ida

  2. Felsö Mislye is present-day Vyšná Myšl'a. The vowel at the end of the first word (Felsö) is actually written as an 'o' with two elongated strokes above it. I use the umlaut ö as the closest I can come with the software I have.

  3. Alsó Mislye is present-day Nižná Myšl'a

  4. Bologd is present-day Blažice

  5. Zsadány is present-day Ždaňa

  6. Garbócz is presumably Garbóczbogdány, which is present-day Bohdanovce. The parish made a distinction between Garbócz and Bogdány, so it is possible they were once separate towns that were joined into one.