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The Kozaks I am familiar with are split into two distinct groups: those in Barnesboro, and those Clearfield county. The genealogy page shows how they were related.

Many of the identifications below are based on the personal knowledge of relatives, while others are best guesses or even speculation. If you can identify the unknowns or correct my guesses, please help.


Barnesboro Kozaks:

GKoz_Bar.jpg (35942 bytes)

George Kozak (standing), father of those in photo below, brother of John (right)

JohnKSr.jpg (16254 bytes)

John and Amelia (Kapusta) Kozak (aunt and uncle of those in photo below)

Koz_Bar.jpg (59872 bytes)

(L-R) Ethel, George, Elmer, John, and Margaret

MarKoz.jpg (36114 bytes)

Margaret Kozak and sister

markoz1.jpg (34094 bytes)

Margaret Kozak

Family.jpg (33821 bytes) (L-R) Mary (Kozak) Valco, Helen (Valco) Knapp, Emre Valis, Andrew Knapp

Children: Mary Louise and Carl Knapp

JohnKoz.jpg (20309 bytes)

John, Margaret Kozak
(grave is Valko)

HerpKoz.jpg (35156 bytes)

(L-R) Joe Herpak (with possibly son, Steve),
Barney Valco (husband of Mary Kozak), Mr. Knapp

Ethel.jpg (18015 bytes)

Ethel Kozak

Bingham.jpg (40772 bytes)

Caption says 'Binghamton Kozak.' I need help on this one.