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Kozak family history

The Kozaks of Clearfield and Cambria counties, Pennsylvania, can all be traced to a small village in Eastern Slovakia called Nizná Mysl'a. Maria Kozak was one of the first to emigrate to America, arriving in about 1886 with her husband, Valen ("Barney") Valko (later changed to Valco), and they settled in Ramey, Clearfield County, later moving to Barnesboro, Cambria county. Maria's half-brother, George, arrived in 1889 or 1890, and also settled in Clearfield county. He was followed by his half-sister (i.e. Maria's sister), Katrine, in 1896, who settled near George in Clearfield county with her husband, Andrew Rebar. A cousin, George Kozak, arrived in 1889, presumably with his uncle, George, and another cousin, John Kozak, arrived probably with Katrine in 1896. Both of the cousins probably moved first to Clearfield county before eventually moving into houses adjacent to Barney and Maria (Kozak) Valco in Barnesboro. See my page on stories for more details.

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