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Take a look around and learn more about our house on Avon Place, Napoleon, Ohio, and check out genealogical information on the Rebar/Oravetz (Jim) and Young/Wooley (Carolyn) families.

I hope you find the new look of my web site to be an improvement over the old one. Please excuse the disorder as I continue to make changes.

Almost all photos will be presented in 'thumbnail' size. To see a full-sized version, click on the thumbnail. The photo will open up in a separate window. (Photo at left is the Roman Catholic church in Pereces, Hungary, taken in 1995. The church appeared to be no longer active, hence the peeling paint on the exterior. The cemetery behind the church was well cared for.)

A Word for Researchers

Nizna Mysla MapThe Nižná Myšl'a Roman Catholic parish records included the villages of Nižná Myšl'a, Vyšná Myšl'a, Nižný Čaj, Vyšný Čaj, Blažice, Ždaňa, Škároš, and Bohdanovce, and a smattering of entries from other nearby villages. Click on the map at left to see a larger map of the area. The major villages in the parish are highlighted in yellow.


  1. Nagy-Ida is present-day Vel'ká Ida
  2. Felsö Mislye is present-day Vyšná Myšl'a. The vowel at the end of the first word (Felsö) is actually written as an 'o' with two elongated strokes above it. I use the umlaut ö as the closest I can come with the software I have.
  3. Alsó Mislye is present-day Nižná Myšl'a
  4. Bologd is present-day Blažice
  5. Zsadány is present-day Ždaňa
  6. Szkáros is, of course, Škároš
  7. Garbócz is presumably Garbóczbogdány, which is present-day Bohdanovce. The parish made a distinction between Garbócz and Bogdány, so it is possible they were once separate towns that were joined into one.

Family Newsletters

Family NewslettersThe annual family reunion is held at Duman Lake Park in Cambria County, Pennsylvania, on the first Saturday in August. Nearly every year a newsletter has been written that contains photos and stories about our extended family of Rebars, Oravetzes, Kozaks, Herpaks, Kuzios, Prusaks, Whites, Kovachiks, and many others. They are a wealth of historical information as well. Click on The Family Portrait graphic at the left to see them for yourself.

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Nizna Mysla death records completed through 1894.

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